6 Key Skills You Need To Show In An interview

Published: 15th February 2012
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Continuing on from part one of “Top 10 Job Skills You Need to List In Your CV” here are 6 more skills to consider and demonstrate either in your CV or at an interview to prove that you are employable.

Numeracy Skills

Numeracy skills are something that a certain level has been required from us since we started primary (junior) school. Out of all of the core subjects, maths is certainly in the top two. You may even find that when applying for university degrees, the minimum requirements included ‘Grade A-C in GCSE Maths”. The majority of job roles require some amount of numeracy, moreso with graduate schemes or graduate-level roles. However it’s careers in the accounting, banking, finance, engineering and the like, that command a higher lever of numeracy in order to interpret data and manipulate numbers.

IT Skills

With ever changing and growing improvement on today’s technology, it is a given that one must be able to have basic IT literacy. When applying for jobs through a recruitment agency, most will now always make you do an IT test which scores your ability to use the basic Microsoft programs – Word, Excel and sometime PowerPoint.

Self-motivation and Time Management

No matter what job role you are applying for, higher salaries tend to come with the expectation that you don’t need to be micro-managed…and rightly so. All businesses want a high return on their investment, and that’s exactly what you are – an investment. Therefore it is important that you create a good impression from the very start. Employers will want to challenge you and see if you really are as organized, self-motivated and a natural leader like you claimed in your CV. Assessment days are designed to test your organizational and self-management skills. Don’t ‘joke’ about how you always handed in coursework late or never made it to that 9am lecture you had every Wednesday or turn up late to your interview. All of this does nothing but show that you are NOT the right candidate.

General Knowledge Of the Industry

Employers will ALWAYS ask you questions that test your commercial awareness. They like to see that you have a genuine interest in the business and are very much aware of the happenings within the industry. Typical commercial awareness questions will include you having to know about any current major global economic issues, and their impact, or potential impact, on your employer's business sector. Try to think outside the box with your answer. In order to be able to do that, you must RESEARCH. Do not generalize your answers. You will be surprised by how many candidates give the same ‘high-level’ answer that ultimately scores you zero points. Employers get bored of hearing the same thing over and over again. “Oh yes, the credit crunch has had a huge negative effect on the banking industry”. They know that…be specific. Think of a specific example and a specific area of the business that could be affected. This scores you brownie points as well as standing out from the crowd.

Additional skills, Experience and Extra-curricular Activities

We've said this before – this is your chance to brag about your achievements, additional skills and experiences without sounding conceited. Do you speak any other languages? Were you the chess champion at uni? Have you had some amazing work experience that other candidates could only dream of? Let the recruiters know every little detail. It could take just this information to give you that competitive edge over the other candidates and put your CV at the top of the pile.

And Finally...Your Personality

This is the one part of you that can’t be tested. Employers, recruiters, HR all love candidates who are approachable, give off a good vibe, positive, articulate, enthusiastic, driven and so on and so forth. Only you can show them this by your disposition throughout your meeting with them. Let your personality shine through and don’t let your nerves overwhelm you – or them for that matter. They want you to like them as much as you want them to like you. For those of you who do suffer from uncontrollable nerves during an interview, try looking into some techniques that will help you to remain calm and poised, i.e listening to calming music on your journey to the interview, or just thinking of it as a discussion with your ‘managers’.

There you have it! The top 10 skills you need, not just to list on your CV, but display in person when you get to the interview stage. Good luck!

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