How to Choose the Right Tummy Control Tankini, Fashionable Enough For the Beach

Published: 05th July 2011
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The tankini is a classic swimsuit that will never go out of style. In general, there are four types of tankini swimming suits with tummy control. Familiarizing yourself with each one will allow you to choose the one that will most adequately flatter your figure.

The first type of tankini is the halter tankini. This particular tankini is ideal for highlighting the shoulder, collarbone, and the cleavage. Because it enhances these features, the halter tankini draws the viewer's eye upwards away from a trouble midsection or lower regions of the body. This style of tankini is suitable for women of all sizes, however, as it draws attention to your chest, you may not want to wear this if you are higher than a DD cup size...unless you love to flaunt what your mama gave you.

The second tankini, the apron tankini, is considered more daring than the traditional tankini. The top of this tankini is banded, and it drapes to cover the midsection in an apron like manner. A woman's back is left uncovered, and the tankini generally has string tie top along the neck and the back. SPANX are a popular choice when it comes to bandeau/apron tummy control tankinis, as they still manage to have excellent shaping and slimming effects. The apron tankini is characterized by prints, laces, sleek fabrics, and summer colors. The bottom of the tankini may consist of boy shorts or a brief style bottom.

The third style is the underwire model tankini. It is one of the most popular forms of the tankini, because it offers more than adequate support for a woman's body and is perfect for those who are large busted. While this tankini flatters the midsection and enhances the breasts, it is no longer considered unfashionable and drab as it once was. This traditional style tankini has had a complete makeover by many top swimwear brands, with the styles now funky, stylish and even sexy. Because most tankinis are sold as mix and match pieces, a woman will be able to purchase several and create a fresh new look each time she steps out to the beach or the local pool.

The fourth and final style of the tankini is the boy short tankini. This style generally has a shorter top than a traditional spaghetti strap tankini; however, it is quite popular for the boy shorts bottoms. These bottoms can cover a woman's buttocks, hips, and upper thighs. As with the underwire model of tankinis, the boy short tankini can be mixed and matched with other pieces to create numerous looks. It is important to ensure that this tankini fits properly so that it does not create unsightly bulges of fat around the midsection.

With all of these great tummy control tankinis available, you can finally feel free, comfortable and stylish at the beach or just next to your pool. So visit our store and shop for the perfect tankini swimming suits for your body. It's time to get excited for for the summer.

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